Do you always get inspired by all the beautiful interiors on Instagram or Pinterest? But do you struggle to translate this to your own home?

In doubt about painting some walls but can’t make a desicion on the perfect colour scheme?

Already curated a lot of nice furniture and accessoires but can’t find a way to make a balanced interior design for your space?

Let me help you out with a professional and custom made interior design! 

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Interior design by Sabine


s an interior designer I’m here to help you decorate your home in a way that it reflects your personality. I believe that a  house needs to make you feel as you’re wrapped in a warm blanket and I want you to have this feeling whenever you step in the door. Do you and your partner have different views on style and interior design? Then I see it as my mission to bring your styles together so that the interior design makes you feel both completely at home. I’m always looking for that perfect balance between a beautiful design and functionality. In my opinion an interior needs to be both good looking and a practical home for you, your family members and pets.

I believe that every home needs at least some plants, as they’re good for your living environment and make a great combination with every interior style. As a devoted plant lover with lots of experience with all kinds of house plants, I’m able to advice you on the best plants for your home based on not only the looks, but also your experience with taking care of them.

My working area is mainly located in Amsterdam, but I’m also helping clients from surrounding areas as Amstelveen, ’t Gooi, Waterland, and the region of Utrecht.

interior design amsterdam

Interior design services

Most of my clients are people with a busy career, who love their job and of course love spending time with their family and friends.  If that’s you, then I can imagine that you’re looking for an interior designer that understands your lifestyle and comes up with a concrete interior plan within just one session at your home. After that you’re ready to order the items we’ve discussed and let the painter know which colours need to go where (or do it yourself with my tips!).

In a two hour session at your home we walk through the spaces and I give your my input directly. I always bring an extensive amount of samples and colour cards, so we can see which colours and materials are the right fit for your interior. On my laptop I’ll show you the furniture and accessoires that will complete your interior and where to order them. Of course I’ll keep your budget in mind.

You can write along during the consultation or you let me send you an email afterwards with all my tips, colour schemes and items listed in one well-organized list. Would you like to see it all come together? Let me visualize your interior plan with a moodboard and shopping list. Ready to digitally walk through your new living room? Then the 3D visuals will show you exactly what you can expect in both images and video.

In need of some instant consultation during your shopping session after our appointment? Send me a picture and I will assist you in your selection of the perfect furniture piece that will fit the plan.

During the consultation we can discuss the following subjects, of course depending on your wishes:

  • Use of colors

  • Layout

  • Materials

  • Flooring

  • Window coverings

  • Lighting plan

  • Furniture and decoration

  • Houseplants

What to expect of an interior design by Sabine?

  • Practical tips, considering your wishes and budget.
  • Follow-up advice when needed by email/Whatsapp. 
  • No misty moodboards and general recommendations that still leave you puzzled where to start. Just a clear advice where I show you specific options directly on my laptop.
  • Over 5 years of experience as an interior designer in the Amsterdam area and skilled in all kinds of styles. I know exactly where to shop for that one unique piece of furniture or that special lamp that is exactly the right eye catcher that your interior needs.

The pictures below are from an interior project in a newly built house in Utrecht.

Beneath you’ll find my standard packages for interior design. In a 2 hour consultation at home we can discuss an average sized ground floor (living room, dining room and kitchen) and depending on the amount of questions you have also an extra room (for example bedroom). The rates you see for the consultations with a complete plan (mood board, shopping lists and/or 3D visualization) are calculated for an average ground floor. Would you like to see an extra room or even whole floor in this plan? Let me know your wishes and I’ll provide you a quotation for the total costs.

Consultation at home

  • 2 hour interior consultation at home

Consultation at home with email

  • 2 hour interior consultation at home
  • Recap of all my tips by email, including paint colors, extra tips, etc.

Complete interior design

  • 2 hour interior consultation at home
  • Recap of all my tips by email
  • Moodboard + Shopping List

Complete design with 3D visuals

  • 2 hour interior consultation at home
  • Recap of all my tips by email
  • Moodboard + Shopping List
  • Simple 3D visuals (per floor)

Complete design with 3D visuals

  • 2 hour interior consultation at home
  • Recap of all my tips by email
  • Moodboard + Shopping List
  • Realistic 3D visuals (per floor)

Travel expenses are included within 30 km from Broek in Waterland. Are you located outside the 30 km range? Then I charge an additional fee of 45 cents per km.

Book your interior design consultation

Feel free to schedule your appointment in my calendar below. I’ll get in touch with you and provide you with further information. Of course you can always email me when you have additional questions. When you prefer scheduling your appointment by email, please just let me know and we will figure out a date for your consultation at home.

How a shopping list looks like

interieuradvies Amsterdam shopping list voorbeeldinterieuradvies Amsterdam shopping list voorbeeldinterieuradvies Amsterdam shopping list voorbeeld
Interieurstylist AmsterdamInterieurstylist Amsterdam

How 3D visuals look like

interieurstylist Amsterdam

Simple 3D visuals. You’ll receive images and a video (as if you walk through the space).

interieurstylist Amsterdam

Realistic 3D visuals. You’ll receive images and a video (as if you walk through the space).